In Honor of their Service


• Professional services of funeral director and staff
• Embalming of the deceased
• Other preparation of the body (dressing, casketing and cosmetizing)
• Hairdressing
• Local removal and transfer of the remains to the funeral home
• Use of facilities and staff for visitation and viewing
• Use of facilities and staff for funeral ceremony
• Lead car
• Hearse
• Utility Vehicles
• Veterans casket
• Custom Embroidered Insert Panel for Casket
• Wilbert Stainless Steel Veterans Vault
• Custom Legacy Print for Vault Cover
• Flag Case
• Premium register book
• Memorial folders or prayer cards (150)
• Acknowledgment Cards (100)
• Bookmarks (5 laminated)
• Video Tribute (50 pics)
• 1 Thumbie (Sterling Silver Grand Charm w/18” chain or tie tac/lapel pin)
• Premium Flower Casket Spray, 6 Boutineers

Veteran's casket

18 Gauge "Freedom"

custom embroidered panel

Insert Panel for Casket

wilbert stainless steel veteran's vault

custom legacy print

For Vault Cover

video tribute

50 Pictures

memorial stationery

Premium Register book
Service Folders or Prayer Cards
Acknowledgment Cards

flag case


Shown in 14k Gold

casket spray



6 Boutineers

Cash advance items are those paid to third parties on your behalf and may include but are not limited to: Honorarium for Clergy, Death Certificates, Organist, Obituary, Opening and Closing of the Grave and associated cemetery charges.