Best Value Traditional Funeral Service


• Professional services of funeral director and staff
• Embalming of the deceased
• Other preparation of the body (dressing, casketing and cosmetizing)
• Hairdressing
• Local removal and transfer of the remains to the funeral home
• Use of facilities and staff for visitation and viewing
• Use of facilities and staff for funeral ceremony
• Lead car
• Hearse
• Utility Vehicles
• Choice of casket below
• Custom Embroidered Insert Panel for Casket
• Family choice of Wilbert Stainless Steel Vault (Triune, Cameo Rose, Veterans)
• Custom Legacy Print for Vault Cover
• Premium register book
• Memorial folders or prayer cards (150)
• Acknowledgment Cards (100)
• Bookmarks (5 laminated)
• Video Tribute (50 pics)
• 1 Thumbie (Sterling Silver Grand Charm w/18” chain or tie tac/lapel pin)
• Premium Flower Casket Spray, 6 Boutineers

choice of casket

3502 Brushed Hyacinth
3946 Blue Brushed
Myra Maple
Dover Oak

custom embroidered panel

Insert for Casket

choice of vault

Wilbert Cameo Rose - Stainless Steel
Wilbert Black - Stainless Steel

custom legacy print

For Vault Cover

video tribute

50 Pictures

casket spray



6 Boutineers


Cash advance items are those paid to third parties on your behalf and may include but are not limited to: Honorarium for Clergy, Death Certificates, Organist, Obituary, Opening and Closing of the Grave and associated cemetery charges.